Artist Bio

Lee Reams began painting as a child and sold her first canvas at age 9. Although she continued fine art painting, she began a career as a commercial artist in television and advertising. During this time she studied privately with several gifted artists in California, refining her talent. She has since retired from commercial art and now devotes full time to her painting.

Lee paints with oils on larger size canvases capturing everyday life in an impressionistic style. She strives to mix light and natural and inspired colors recalling one's best experiences and memories. Her subject matter is largely varied and is derived from a combination of real life scenes and models enhanced by her vivid imagination. At times she implements a pointillist style and also works in the realm of linear dimensiality using her own technique she calls, "knife striking". Much of her work can be identified by her use of palette knife bringing about desired and unique textures, colors and accents.

She has won various awards, including best of show and sells her work accepting commissions and partaking in a limited and carefully selected number of art and gallery shows around the country.