Read what past clients have said:

"I love the portrait that you painted for me. It is magnificent.
I have been collecting art for many years and this is the finest piece of art I own. Thank you".
Mariellen Smith Chandler, La Fayette, LA

"Lee integrates palette knife textures into her work in a masterful way and can utilize her talent in any style for today's art buyers. Her work delights and invites the viewer to take a closer look with the temptation to touch".
Janet Edwards, critic and gallery owner, Pearl Gallery, Tulsa, OK


"I am so happy with the 'Red Flowers' painting I selected. It is the focal point in my living room. The colors are outstanding. Thank you so much". Judy Woznicki, Hacienda Heights, CA

"Lee Reams took candid pictures of my two teenagers and from them she painted a lovely picture for us. Our family will treasure it for years to come. We would recommend her work to anyone". Susan and Ven Prabhu, Tulsa, OK

"Lee Reams has graced our family with two portraits that will show generations to follow what two of us looked like and what we were about. The paintings decorate our homes now as priceless works of incredible talent always do".
Roberta and Jim Barg, Tucson, AZ

"Thank you for the wonderful painting of me hiking with Teppe. The first thing one notices about this painting is the light. The girl and dog come out of the shade and into the warm sunshine. It makes me want to jump into the painting and join them! Many thanks again".
Irene and Bill Barg, Tucson, AZ

"I have long been an admirer of Lee Reams’ paintings. She is a gifted and talented artist who is both flexible and creative; whose originality can be found not only in her experimentation with various textures, but in the natural ability and seemingly effortless way she manages to work both outside and within the technical proficiencies and boundaries of her chosen art form". Laura Roybal Palos, Beverly Hills, CA

"My painting brings joy and sunshine to my heart every time I walk into my living room. I absolutely love my painting and what it does to my soul".
Danielle Raimo, Tulsa, OK

"Lee Reams is a wonderful artist and very versatile. My painting is beautiful and fun. The girl on the beach could be me". Sandra De Santis, Malibu, CA